Born This Way

The Dean Spade reading warns of the ease with which we all come to take the “born this way” narrative of transsexual people as truth. Spade is transgender hirself and has endured many of the “necessary” medical interventions beforehand. Sie often enjoyed screwing with peoples preconceived notions of transsexual people ALWAYS knowing that they were different. Spade wants readers to know that transitioning, and all gender at that, is not so easily defined nor medically curable or assignable. Spade cites the symptoms for Gender Identity Disorders (GID) as ambiguous and unclear. Boys have to “particularly” enjoy playing house and girls must display a desire for “rough and tumble” play (Spade pg. 24). Something as simple as seeing the requirements it takes to be a “true transsexual” can help a person see just how inane having medically defined genders can be. There are an unbelievable amount of ways a person can identify and yet our society tries to pigeon hole everyone into a label that fits with our society that feels the need to narrowly define everything.

I found an article by a transsexual, Oliver Leon, in an independent newspaper. It starts out a little slow so if you decide to check it out keep reading. Leon explains if forced to chose an identity he would chose a female to male transsexual but that it is much more complex than that. Both Leon and Spade point out that no one can live up to medicine’s idea of a true transsexual because a person cannot pass at all hours of the day. Society needs to stop seeing only two genders with a few deviants and open up to the idea of a spectrum of possibilities where no one is wrong and no one is right. We are all much more complex than the opportunities we are afforded.


Kathleen Hennessy

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