Chris and Greg: Children??

Falling in Love with Chris and Greg was not at all what I was expecting, yet amazingly entertaining and kind of awkward which made it even more entertaining. The couple covers everything from body and hormone issues to relationships to marriage and children. By far my favorite episode was Road Trip TV Special! where they travel from California to Death Valley to Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon, and back. Their discussion about why they should or should not get married because of the “loophole,” and Greg’s freak out over Chris being able to have a baby or not was mind boggling.

First, it’s hilarious that Chris referred to his own vagina as a “loophole”. Second, both of their reasons behind wanting to get married made absolutely no sense to me. This may have been because I actually didn’t understand their arguments, but I’m thinking it’s actually because I couldn’t understand their fast bickering over the issue. And lastly, I had never before had the thought cross my mind that a transman could have a baby if he still had the reproductive organs of a female. I mean, you would think this is something to ponder, but never had I even considered it.

Although I thoroughly enjoyed watching Greg eat many twinkies and go on what seemed to be a crazed sugar high, I have to think about what he was really questioning. I should preface this by saying I have very little knowledge about what extensive effects large quantities of testosterone have on the body. But say a transman who is taking testosterone is having penile/vaginal intercourse with a man, would he be able to get pregnant? And if he did, what kind of effects would the “mother’s” body chemistry have on the child? Or would this not be possible because the testosterone lowers the previous levels of estrogen and progesterone and therefore no eggs are released and there is no menstruation? These are interesting things to think about. 

And here is a link to the ridiculous sideshow news craze that surrounded Thomas Beatie back in 2008, when he attracted media attention from EVERYWHERE for being the “first pregnant transman”.

I had totally forgotten about this story until I typed “transman pregnant” into Google. According to the article, yes a transman can become pregnant, but only after ceasing testosterone injections. I know that news sources are not always entirely credible, but I’m willing to go with the NY TImes on this one and assume they are correct. However, if any of you are like me, you’ve still got to be wondering “What if…?”

-Jocelyn Crizer


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