Disaster Date

Let’s talk about everything you’re not supposed to talk about on a first date. Debt, politics, your sex life, current partners, etc.  Falling in Love with Chris and Greg hit almost all of these “no-nos” in the first episode O Canada!  Although it portrayed a disastrous first date, it did touch on some interesting topics.  The concept of an open relationship is the biggest conflict of the mini series.  Chris wants one, Greg doesn’t, but agrees to try dating other people. He obviously fails in impressing his date, who he insults on several occasions. The episode is a bit offensive to Canadians (although if you watch “How I Met Your Mother you’ll see similar Canadian jokes.) (an example of that here à http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lom3hxVCZt1qg3ut7o1_500.png )



Here’s a list of things to not say on a first date, which let’s face it, Greg does a pretty good job of fucking up.  Now, I get that it’s supposed to be funny, and it is if not embarrassing, but let’s not forget that Greg was iffy on the whole dating outside of his primary relationship in the first place.  He wanted to stay at home and bake pies.  It was Chris who talked him in to going on this disaster date in the first place.  He wanted some sort of validation of Greg’s love for him by Greg expressing that love to others.

With Greg’s indifference to the date in the first place, one might be forced to consider that he may have personally sabotaged the date.  He might have been so uncomfortable with the idea of being with someone other than his partner that he purposefully fucked up.  Or maybe not.  Maybe he’s just that awkward. 

Greg isn’t comfortable with the idea of an open relationship.  He obviously loves Chris and doesn’t understand why Chris would want outside sexual partners because he (Greg) doesn’t want to be with anyone other than Chris.  The concept of an open relationship is a bit difficult for a lot of people in our society to wrap their minds around because it goes against societal norms of monogamy.


Here is a list of “Open Relationship Rules” that are floating around on a lot of websites.  Obviously rules would vary from each particular relationship, but it’s important to think about these “rules” in relationship to the Chris and Greg’s relationship to see how it fits in to this ideal. 


I think this episode raises a lot of important questions about “normality” (What is normal for Greg?) and relationship dynamics. 


-Jalyn Phifer


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