Falling in Love with Chris and Greg

Falling in Love with Chris and Greg is by far my favorite thing that I have come across in this class.  The series addresses many of the issues that we have talked about in class.  What makes this series different from the other documentaries and readings is that it is done in a humorous manner. 

I think that their use of humor allows them to explore these issues in a different way than some of the other materials that we have come across.  I think that their series encourages viewers to think about things that they might not normally think about because the issues are presented in an accessible way.  Chris and Greg are both very likeable, despite their flaws.  Greg’s disastrous date with Steve was funny.  When he told Chris about how well it went, it made me think of all of the times I have exaggerated having fun to my friends, and on Facebook.  It made me laugh, and it also made me think about how the series touched on some of the ideas we have talked about in class. 

One of my favorite parts of the series was the episode “Food” where Greg talks about all of his insecurities over his body, completely oblivious to the fact that Chris has his own set of insecurities over his body.  Chris vents to his therapist about Greg’s insensitivity.  The therapist does not really seem to understand his frustrations, and only seems to make things worse. 

The series as a whole explores queer relationships.  The first episode clearly lays out that this couple does not fit into heteronormative ideals of monogamy.  They come back to this idea in their election PSA where they talk about their unconventional form of monogamy.  I found a slightly different take on queer relationships from a 2011 issue of the Village Voice:


This piece has a much more serious tone, and it brings up some slightly different issues.  Falling in Love with Chris and Greg does not really bring up the issue of meeting new people, since the two are already in a relationship, even though their relationship does not fit into normative ideas about dating and monogamy.  The only time Greg really talks in detail about the dynamics of dating a transman is when he is on that train wreck of a date with Steve.  This conversation is presented in a funny rather than serious manner.  It addresses similar issues to the article, but in a very different way. 

-Zhaleh Breen


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