Un-transitioning, after a lot of work.

Stephanie Miller

So, I have fallen behind on my blogs so I’m going to catch up.  I started thinking about the whole transition process.  I know that individuals have to do a ton in order to get to transition.  When we watched Be Like Others, I noticed that many of the individuals stated that they would not have transitioned/ had GRS if they did not feel forced. 

Originally, I suspected that no one ever un-transitioned.  It is so much work to get through the gate keeping practices by medical professionals.  To un-transition, there are still gate keeping issues, but not nearly as harsh or severe.  I found a True-Life episode which followed some individuals who are ‘re-thinking their gender’ as MTV puts it.  These people appear to be taking steps to un-transition.  One actually states it in this manner. 

It is an interesting watch and available on Netflix.  True Life: I’m questioning my gender again

I am pretty surprised that this episode aired.  When I watched it, It seemed like the individuals (2) had some other motives.  Both said that it was for themselves, but (ah pronoun confusions!) the individual transitioning back to female had family issues with her transition.  The individual transitioning back to male was worried about his job outlook. These concerns are real and do affect those transitioning. 

I’m just a little concerned that this was aired because it is still so difficult for individuals who want to transition to find and receive the care they need and deserve.  I feel like this reversed some of the progress that some have had in their thinking.  I started worrying about my friend who is starting his battle with the gate keeping process and if he would be doing this all to just go back.  Obviously, putting that seed of doubt in my brain started the worries, which I shouldn’t really be worrying so much about. 

My stance on transition has been reaffirmed though.  I feel if someone is willing to go through all of the scrutiny they are currently forced to deal with to transition, it is probably something that they feel will bring them a happier life.  The decision to transition should not be forced or coerced like it seems to be with those in Iran, but should be an individual decision to alter themselves in ways they see fit.